Betonia IT have experience creating business critical online or offline databases. Typical projects fall into the following categories:-
  • Migration of legacy application to a web environment.
  • System Integration and consolidation
  • Intranet Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Dashboards & Metrics (KPI based reporting)
  • Bespoke Subscription based Membership Applications
Unless otherwise requested we typically use Microsoft .Net as our platform due to the ease in which it integrates with most datasets and we typically utilise a web interface ensuring secure real time capabilities.

Clients are normal surprised by how affordable the work will be especially when compared to an off the shelf solution. Betonia IT use a proven methodology utilising the following steps:
  • Business Analysis
  • Design & Build
  • Data Integration
  • Usability Testing

Past projects have been very diverse and we have undertaken projects such as a call centre relationship manager scheduling and recording calls to a stock management system for a large well known pen manufacturer.