The Free Business Audit is a "no charge service" we offer where we will come onsite and investigate your IT infrastructure based on how it currently performs. It will include a high level evaluation of the current setup, look for improvements and if required monitor the effectiveness of any in-house IT staff. Based on the findings we will compare these to your current business needs and wishes. We will then present a short report to you identifying any savings or suggested future upgrades, all of which will be fully costed and explained.
The Consultancy Led Full Audit is a “no stone unturned” forensic audit of the IT operations of the company. Effective ICT management requires people to deploy the right technology in the right way for the right reasons, commonly referred to as ‘People, Process and Technology’. We typically audit these “People, Process and Technology” against 7 key areas:-
  • Security
  • ICT Mobility 
  • Command & Control
  • Economics & Compliance
  • Environment
  • Personnel
  • Future Strategy
We agree the number of days to carry out the audit before commencing the work. Typical recent examples have ranged from 5 audit days for a medium sized enterprise with a relatively straight forward IT estate to 25 audit days for a complex widespread estate for a large PLC.

The results of the audit will be a full report which is typically presented to the owner or board of directors. All issues are highlighted with a severity rating and a full set of recommendations given.