Server Setup    

Betonia IT are able to design and specify the ideal server for your network environment.   In the majority of cases we first need to consider 4 fundamentals areas :


We have extensive experience in all 3 scenarios and especially when deploying or upgrading Microsoft Small Business Server suite.  Betonia IT will be able to talk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each scenario in line with your business needs and requirements.

  • Data (Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, PDFs, Pictures etc)
  • Email (Email, Calendar, Contacts)
  • Applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, CRM, Sage etc)
  • Backups
We then need to consider 3 possible solutions:
  • All Onsite Servers and Services
  • A Hybrid Cloud Solution (maybe moving certain services to the cloud in harmony with an onsite server or network storage device).
  • Moving all Services to the Cloud
  Server Monitoring

Servers are the heart of your system, pumping the data around your networking to keep it healthy and working efficiently.  We all know what happens if the heart gets into trouble which is why at Betonia IT we specialise in regularly monitoring your servers to catch problems before they occur and to perform routine tasks to keep it working at an optimum.  The majority of our server maintenance and monitoring can be performed remotely.  Betonia IT’s server management service includes the following services:

  • Server Availability
  • Utilisation Monitoring
  • Disk Space Check
  • Updates and Service Packs
  • Security Patches
  • Anti-Virus Management and Update Check
  • Backup Check
  • Manage Users, File Shares and User Email configuration
  • Exchange Server Monitoring