Website Design
Betonia IT specialises in Website Design for a range of businesses and individuals who require Rich Media Content on the Web. Incorporating the latest Web 2.0 and Flash technology we can enhance your site to stand out in a competitive market.
Rich Media defines content such as video, audio, 3D animation and interactivity. These elements on a website can give your audience an exciting experience and make them stay and explore.
Our designs range from small informative sites to big database driven sites for global companies but our main goal is always to deliver something that is clear, individual and simple to use. You may want a site that is friendly towards mobiles and tablets. We can do that too. Whatever you require, your site will always be in style!
All of our sites are optimised for quick loading times and search engine optimised without compromising quality of content ensuring your visitors don't leave the site before having had a chance to see it.